JEFFREY SANKER: Prince of Palm Springs

Jeffrey Sanker in the "White Party" spirit. Photo: WPPS

This May, impresario Jeffrey Sanker celebrates 28 years of his world-famous White Party in Palm Springs where thousands will converge for 4 days of dance parties featuring top DJs and performers that have included Mary J Blige, Deborah Cox, Lady Gaga.  An inside look…

Photography By: IGGY (
White Party Palm Spring 2016. Photo: Iggy Lopez

INDULGE: How did your legendary event start? Can you tell us something about the beginnings of White Party?

JEFFREY SANKER: The White Party started in 1988. It was a small affair in the beginning with me inviting a few of my closest friends in Los Angeles to the desert for what I called at the time: “gay summer camp”. Word of mouth spread, and it has grown yearly since then. And I cannot be more pleased!

INDUGE: What is your vision for the future of WP? What can we look forward to?

JEFFREY SANKER: My biggest thrill of White Party is that it has given gay men around the world the outlet to express themselves, openly, without fear. Luckily the climate has changed, and in that, we have been able to grow with it. My vision is to always be a big part of the gay experience, and with the biggest acts, the best production and staging, and with a few surprises thrown in!

Lady Gaga and Jeffrey Sanker. Photo: WPPS

INDULGE: What has been the most rewarding part for you?

JEFFREY SANKER: I think that meeting guys from all around the world that have come to the White Party, and have thanked me for helping them “come out”, or to “feel good about being gay”. It warms my heart to think that I, in a small part, I have been instrumental in not only entertaining people, but also to help some come to terms with who they are, and how much fun it can be, when you finally can be yourself.

INDULGE: What should people know about Jeffrey Sanker, the man behind this behemoth event, the private man behind the public figure?

JEFFREY SANKER: Hmmm, well taking about myself, I would say: “Jeffrey is very approachable and the consummate host. He loves meeting his customers, and enjoys all aspects of art and culture, whether it is going to the newest movie, traveling the world, or kicking back and watching his favorite pastime: FOOTBALL! He enjoys food, wine, and social activities. He also spends time with his Schnauzer, Emma.”

White Party Palm Springs from May 5-8.

— GD