CONSTELLATION DU LION necklace from the ‘1932’ Collection (2012). Photograph Julien Claessens and Thomas Deschamps. © CHANEL 2013

CHANEL High Jewelry By Julie Levoyer, Agnès Muckensturm (Thames & Hudson) This book is a visual feast, offering a stunning collection of new and classic photography from the CHANEL archives. Divided into four chapters, the book takes readers on a journey through the origins, symbols, spirit, and allure of the iconic fashion house. The book showcases superb photographs by renowned photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino, and Patrick Demarchelier, and also includes images from CHANEL’s archive and sketches that express the creativity and joie de vivre of the world’s finest High Jewelry collection. With 518 illustrations, it is a covetable book that pays tribute to the House’s unparalleled insistence on luxury and refinement, creativity, and beauty.

Alcantara: The Material of Art By Luca Masia (SKIRA) is a book that documents the creative genius of Italy’s Alcantara brand, showcasing their eye-catching collaborations with a range of incredible designers and international brands in various industries including interiors, art, hotel, fashion/accessories, automotive, tech, and live events. The book features a preface by Andrea Boragno, President & CEO of Alcantara, and boasts 225 color illustrations showcasing the brand’s positive collaborations with designers and creatives from all over the world, including Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Swarovski, and Lanvin.

JAMALI A Mystical Journey of Hope: The True Story of an American Artist By Jamali (Rizzoli) In this mesmerizing illustrated memoir, Pakistani-born American artist Jamali shares his inspiring story and lifelong mission to bring peace to the world through his art. With stunning illustrations, the reader is transported on a journey through seven decades and three continents as Jamali recounts his experiences and insights. His unique style, which he calls Mystical Expressionism, is renowned for its complex surfaces and mystical imagery, drawing comparisons to the likes of Anselm Kiefer and Georg Baselitz. One hundred of Jamali’s artworks are showcased on specially coated paper, each individually selected by the artist himself.

VERMEER By Pieter Roelofs et al (Thames & Hudson) Serves as the ultimate companion to the landmark exhibition at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, showcasing Johannes Vermeer’s timeless works. For many years, Vermeer’s paintings have captivated art lovers with their intimate and enigmatic nature, leaving behind unanswered questions about his subjects and techniques. In this comprehensive study, a team of distinguished Vermeer scholars provides a fresh perspective on all thirty-seven of his paintings, drawing from various sources to shed light on the artist’s professional and personal life. The book is elegantly designed by Irma Boom, known as the “Queen of Books,” and printed on uncoated paper, with numerous contextual illustrations and commentaries.

GEORGIA O’KEEFFE To See Takes Time (MOMA) This exhibition catalog from the Museum of Modern Art showcases the extensive body of work that Georgia O’Keeffe produced on paper, a facet of her oeuvre that is often overlooked. The book features illustrations of her drawings in charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and graphite, which include abstract lines, organic landscapes, and nudes. Despite turning towards canvas later in her career, important series on paper reemerged, such as the charcoal flowers of the 1930s, portraits of the 1940s, and aerial views of the 1950s. The catalog highlights the importance of O’Keeffe’s sequential practice and reunites individual sheets with their contextual series.

India in Fashion: The Impact of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination By Hamish Bowles (Rizzoli) This visually stunning book, accompanied by texts from experts in India, Europe, and North America, celebrates the historical impact of Indian dress, textiles, and embroidery on Western fashion. From the 18th-century introduction of chintz to the use of Indian fabrics, paisleys, and chikan embroideries in the early 19th century, this volume highlights the influence of Indian fashion on the West. Featuring paintings, fashion editorials, and portraits of influential figures, the book showcases the works of both contemporary and traditional designers, including famous names like Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, while also delving into Indian embroidery techniques and design motifs.

Hammershøi: Painter of Northern Light By Jean-Loup Champion et al. (Rizzoli Electa) Hammershøi was an artist admired during his lifetime, but fell into obscurity until his rediscovery in the 1990s. His iconic paintings of Nordic light and solitude are enigmatic and subtle, featuring empty interiors, shades of gray, and lone figures reminiscent of Edward Hopper. This newly researched monograph presents his best works, many from private collections, and includes multiple scholarly texts and an illustrated chronology shedding new light on his art. Fans of Hammershøi’s work will appreciate this visually stunning volume.

Museum of Islamic Art: The Collection By Julia Gonnella (Thames & Hudson) Discover dazzling artistic achievements from the Islamic world with Museum of Islamic Art: The Collection. Featuring over 400 stunning images and new research by the museum’s curatorial team and experts in the field, this comprehensive reference showcases examples of metalwork, miniatures, carpets, calligraphy, ceramics, and more. Ranging from the early Islamic period to the nineteenth century, the collection is a must-see for art enthusiasts. Published to coincide with the relaunch of the MIA’s galleries.

Mondrian and Photography: Picturing the Artist and His Work By Piet Mondrian (Hatje Cantz) This hefty book offers a unique glimpse into the life of iconic artist Piet Mondrian through an extraordinary collection of photographs ranging from informal snapshots to formal portraits, scenes of his studio and social life. The archival photographs showcase Mondrian’s studios in Amsterdam, Paris, and New York, revealing them as works of art in their own right. The book also includes snapshots of Mondrian’s daily life and photographs of formal portraits used to promote his image as a serious and uncompromising artist. A rich and intimate portrait of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

PAGANS The Visual Culture of Pagan Myths, Legends + Rituals By Ethan Doyle White (Thames & Hudson) A comprehensive, fascinating exploration of the symbolism and significance of pagan art and artifacts. The book covers the key elements, including polytheism, connection with nature, and divination. It examines the origins of paganism, tracing its development over centuries and across different regions. Structured into three main sections, each containing three themed chapters, that cover the ancient ways, ritual practices, and community aspects of paganism.

KIDS OF COSPLAY by Thurstan Redding (Thames & Hudson) A groundbreaking book that showcases cosplay as an art form through surreal photographs of over seventy cosplayers in everyday locations rather than traditional convention settings. The book is the result of a three-year photographic project by photographer Thurstan Redding, who became captivated by cosplay after attending a convention in 2017. Also features commentary from the cosplayers themselves, providing insight into their creative processes and inspirations.

SIMEN JOHAN (powerHouse Books) Award-winning artist Simen Johan is releasing his third monograph, showcasing 15 years of his career as a pioneer in digital image-making. This deluxe volume gathers for the first time Johan’s uncanny animal portraits, otherworldly landscapes, and psychologically-charged narrative natural scenes. Johan finds inspiration everywhere, from local zoos to the jungles of Costa Rica and the lava fields of Iceland. He spends countless hours assembling his images captured in these far-flung locations into a unifying whole, resulting in an often-unsettling sense of placelessness. With his work exhibited internationally, Johan’s latest monograph promises to be a must-have for art lovers and collectors alike.

Donald Judd Spaces: Judd Foundation New York & Texas By Flavin Judd (Judd Foundation) This second edition offers a rare glimpse into the personal spaces of the iconic artist Donald Judd. The book features new and archival photographs alongside essays by the artist himself, providing an unparalleled survey of Judd’s living and working spaces in New York and Texas. From a historic Manhattan building to a sprawling ranch in western Texas, readers are invited to explore the exteriors and interiors of Judd’s personal spaces, which are an integral part of his artistic legacy. This book is a must-have for fans of Judd’s work and anyone interested in the relationship between art and space.

Movement at the Still Point: An Ode to Dance By Mark Mann (Rizzoli) A breathtaking collection of images that skillfully combines the art of dance and photography. The author pays homage to Irving Penn by installing a monochromatic muslin backdrop which perfectly complements the beauty of the dancers’ movements. Dancers from various genres including ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop share their passion for their craft while performing in this minimalist setting. The photographs in the book capture the raw humanity and spontaneity of principal and lead dancers from renowned dance companies. Featuring renowned personalities such as Misty Copeland, Carmen de Lavallade, and Tiler Peck, this book is a true celebration of the strength and emotive ability of dancers.

Whitfield Lovell: Deep River by Kellie Jones (Eakins Press Foundation) Lovell’s masterful installations incorporating Conte crayon likenesses of African Americans from the Emancipation Proclamation era to the civil rights movement have garnered international acclaim. Pairing his subjects with found objects, Lovell evokes personal memories, ancestral connections, and the collective American past. This book showcases stunning likenesses of anonymous African American citizens from Lovell’s acclaimed Deep River installation, paying homage to “Camp Contraband” – a Union Army site in Tennessee that served as a refuge for runaway slaves during the Civil War. The collection offers a powerful and poignant visual commentary on the complex history of race and identity in America.

Wayne Thiebaud by Ulf Küster et al (Hatje Cantz) Thiebaud’s groundbreaking art, including his famous still lifes of sweets and consumer goods, captured the essence of the American dream, revealing a society driven by mass production and consumer culture. This comprehensive catalog, published in conjunction with the exhibition at Foundation Beyeler, showcases his remarkable oeuvre, including his portraits, cityscapes, and landscapes. The vividly colored paintings, rendered in thick impasto, challenge traditional still life conventions and offer a unique perspective on the post-war American art scene.

LITERATURE AND THE WAR ON TERROR Nation, Democracy and Liberalisation Edited By Sk Sagir Ali (Routledge) is a thought-provoking collection of essays that investigates the ways in which cultural expressions, including literature, film, music, and television, have shaped our understanding of religion, identity, and trauma in the aftermath of 9/11. The book offers nuanced insights into the complex interplay between religion, popular media, and geopolitical power, and how they have been represented and disseminated in global cultures. Will appeal to scholars and students of media studies, literature, cultural studies, politics, and South Asian studies. MAGISTERIA The Entangled Histories of Science and Religion By Nicholas Spencer (One World) takes the reader on a journey through various eras and regions, from eighth-century Baghdad to modern-day AI frontiers, with stops in medieval Europe, nineteenth-century India, and Soviet Russia. In doing so, the author Nicholas Spencer challenges the notion that science and religion are always in conflict, instead shedding light on a complex and nuanced relationship that has played a definitive role in shaping human history. The book offers a compelling exploration of this often troubled relationship, presenting new insights into its complexities and how it has impacted human society over time. THE CURSE OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE By Joel Warner (Crown) is a thrilling account of deceit and scandal, with engaging reportage that paints a vivid picture of the rise and fall of Lhéritier, once known as the “king of manuscripts” and now referred to by many as the French Bernie Madoff. The book intertwines the story of Lhéritier’s spectacular downfall with the epic tale of 120 Days of Sodom (one of the most notorious novels ever written) resulting in a sweeping odyssey that captivates the reader from start to finish. At the heart of the book is a crucial question for book lovers everywhere: with the decline of handwriting, what responsibility do we have to preserve and honor the original texts that have been left behind?