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La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF 50

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil Sunscreen Summer’s here, and this potent tube is going to be your best friend. The luxury skincare line’s renown benefits are enhanced with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to make sure that you can enjoy the sun without incurring its debts on your face. Sheer enough to be used over your makeup and armed with La Prairie-exclusive Smart Crystal White Complex to repair past sun damage. $200

YSL Mon Paris

YSL MON PARIS – PARFUM FLORAL A new fragrance combining the fruity and floral. Think pears and peaches meeting white musk, peonies, and a touch of patchouli. The fragrance is sprightly and romantic, reminiscent of a leisurely spring walk in Paris along its aromatic markets and gardens. $97

The Art of Shaving Bourbon Shaving Cream

ART OF SHAVING BOURBON COLLECTION A rich, foamy shaving cream inspired by cask-aged bourbon. Has a distinctly masculine fragrance imbued with warm woods and vanilla, and makes shaving less of a chore, more of a spa experience. A little goes a long way. You’ll never pump foam out of a can again. $30



LENSABL E-commerce has enabled you to shop for even groceries without leaving home, so why step out for your new lenses? A no-stress, incredibly fast service to get premium quality lenses at competitive prices without leaving home. They send you a postage-paid box, you send in your frames with the updates prescription, and get them back in about a week. Savings of up to 70% compared to opticians.


Author, Lisa See. The Island of Sea Women.

THE ISLAND OF SEA WOMEN By Lisa See Bestselling author, Lisa See’s delivers a heartfelt ode to the power of women and the friendships that sustain them. Set on a remote Korean island where women are the breadwinners, Young-Sook and Mi-ja are two girls from different backgrounds who share a love for the sea and work as divers harvesting octopus and sea snails. Together, they endure political upheaval, familial losses and the dramas of marriage and childbirth. $17

ANDREW MARTIN, INTERIOR DESIGN REVIEW VOL 22 – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Top 100 Designers By Andrew Martin (teNeues) Andrew Martin is the trusted authority on all things interior design, and the latest volume introduces the best work by leading interior designers from around the world. The “most renowned, innovative, and exceptional” is featured sumptuously in this hefty 500-page volume to inspire and spark ideas. $75

RAY GUN: The Bible of Music and Style By Marvin Scott Jarrett et al (Rizzoli) In the 90’s Ray Gun was the only magazine catering to fans of alternative music and its style. This anthology with over 200 color photographs features the bands, art, and style as reflected by bands like R.E.M., Jane’s Addiction, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., U2, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Bjork, Morrissey, and more. $65

VISIONS OF ENCHANTMENT – Occultism, Magic and Visual Culture – Edited by Daniel Zamani, Judith Noble and Merlin Cox (Fulgur Press). Some of the leading scholars in Western Esotericism converged at the University of Cambridge in 2014 to explore the fascinating intersections between esotericism and visual culture through a decidedly cross-cultural lens. Presented here are the exceptional essays that dive into topics ranging from talismanic magic and the Renaissance exploration of alchemy to the role of magic in modern art and 20th-century experimental film. An exceptional book in a limited release of only 1,000 copies. $65

GARDEN DESIGN REVIEW By Ralf Knoflach (teNeues) A stunning book introducing more than 50 contemporary garden projects from internationally-renowned landscape architects and garden designers. Moreover, it’s a virtual escape to those edens, and. as a bonus, provides insightful interviews with the designers, useful details on the garden suppliers, the property, and the thought process behind the featured gardens. $95


Ryuichi Sakamoto “Music for Film” (Silva Screen)

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Music for Film – Brussels Philharmonic Conducted by Dirk Brossé (Silva Screen) As perfect as any record can get. This epic, 2-disc sensual compilation of the film music by Sakamoto is conducted by the equally accomplished composer, Dirk Brossé, and features some of Sakamoto’s most memorable themes from movies including The Sheltering Sky, The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Revenant. The selection and sequence is meticulous, making this a no-skipping experience, perfect for vinyl enjoyment. Presented in gatefold containing biographies of both composers. About $29

“Nocturnal Animals” Soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski (Silva Screen)

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS Soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski (Silva Screen) Korzeniowski’s music is beautifully recognizable for its dark, sensual overtones, and this soundtrack from the Tom Ford movie starring Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, is a moody, lush treat. Now available in a second pressing (in case you missed the limited edition red vinyl pressing) in an edition of 500. About $20

Chet Baker “Deep in a Dream” (Jazztwin)

CHET BAKER Deep in a Dream (Jazztwin) Baker’s signature style of fragile vocals and melancholy instrumental music is tailor made for the vinyl experience. This record compilation is shorter than its CD release, but is a balanced selection of 11 tracks with such gems as The Wind, You Don’t What Love Is, and Alone Together. $10.99

“If Beale Street Could Talk” Deluxe Soundtrack by Nicholas Britell (Lakeshore Records)

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK Soundtrack by Nicholas Britell (Deluxe Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records) Composer Britell created a sumptuous jazz score by taking inspiration from Coltrane and Miles Davis, and which is reminiscent of Hermann’s Chinatown. The 2-Disc edition features Coltrane and Davis, but Britell is not outdone and delivers what should arguably have been the Academy Award-winner for best score. $29.98


LAFCO Redwood Diffuser

LAFCO REDWOOD DIFFUSER As if the packaging itself won’t blow you away, this Redwood fragrance combining fern, juniper, and eucalyptus with Virginia cedar and California redwood will transform any space into a spa haven. Crafted with premium quality fragrances and delivered in a beautiful hand-blown art glass vessel with hand-cut reeds. Yes, it’s pricey, but it lasts and lingers like no other. $115

Dosist Cannabis Pen

DOSIST With an abundance of choices selecting a quality cannabis formula can be challenging. Voted as one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2016, this sleek pen  by Dosist offers several targeted benefits including  Bliss, Calm, and Arouse in precise dosages to ensure optimized temperature control, controlled airflow and time control. Available in 200 or 50 doses. $50 and up