Amy Adams: Moved to Tears on “Arrival.”

Oscar-Nominated and super-versatile actor, Amy Adams who stars in the new Denis Villeneuve sci-fi movie, “Arrival” opens up about working with the director, co-star Jeremy Renner, and being moved to tears…

INDULGE: How did you prepare for you role?

AMY ADAMS: I play Dr. Louise Banks who is a linguist and professor and she is called upon by the Unites States government to help decipher the alien language as there have been twelve ships that have arrived on the planet.  She ends up being part of a team that goes intro trying to figure out what they’re telling us and why they’re here. I sat down with a linguist and what I realized is that it’s impossible to learn everything. The thing that helped me and kind of freed me is that I always assumed that a linguist was an expert at speaking languages when in reality, it’s not always the case because there are different types of linguistics. The linguist I spoke to said, “I understand languages, but I don’t speak them…I’m not a translator.’ She speaks only two languages, so that freed me up.

Adams as Dr. Louise Banks in “Arrival.”  Paramount Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.

INDULGE: What attracted to you this project?

AMY ADAMS: Denis Villeneuve is a huge reason that I was attracted to the script, because once I read it, I really loved the character.  I sat down with him and the way that he saw it is how I read it, which is not always the case.  He really wanted to tell it as an intimate story about this woman who just happens to be placed in this amazing sci-fi universe.  I knew that it would have a really deep heart and that was important to me.  He had such a wonderful way of describing to me what the aliens would looks like and how the language would be expressed.  He’s a very special director, a very special man.

INDULGE: Totally agree! We’re wild about Villeneuve.  What a resume considering such films as Sicario, Prisoners and the wrenching Oscar-nominated, Incendies.  What can you tell us about working with him?

AMY ADAMS: I started to cry after doing the first take with him, because this happens to me occasionally when I work with people I’ve idolized for years and years.  I just sort of have a moment.  I don’t mean to, but it just kind of gets me.  It happened to the DP (Director of Photography) too and we had a kind of a moment.  Denis is just a beautiful soul.  He has such a beautiful way of communicating and there’s a way he has about him where he’s in charge, but it’s done in a way that you love him deeply for his power and his vulnerability.

Adams and Renner in “Arrival.”  Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

INDULGE: What was is like working with Jeremy Renner, with whom you have worked in the past?

AMY ADAMS: Ian (Renner’s character) is more scientific, he is a scientist.  I was so excited because I have worked with Jeremy before and we just had a great time.  Jeremy’s got that way of playing it the fun way and yet, having worked with him on American Hustle, where he played this amazing character, there were also scenes (which were edited) where he was so vulnerable and so emotional.  I just knew he would be so awesome for Ian, as this completely supportive character.  Not a lot of guys will show up and play a supporting role to a female character.  I’m so appreciative because he’s so, so good in this, and so sexy. It was a joy working with him.  He’s hilarious.  He makes me laugh all the time.

— GD.