PRECIOUS CARGO: Best of Beauty

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Remastered

EDITOR’S PICK, BEST SKINCARE PRODUCT: LA PRAIRIE Luxe Cream Remastered with Caviar Premier After 30 years, the legendary “magic potion” ups the ante with a remastered version that uses the latest research and technological advancements to further harness the full potential of its prized caviar that strengthens, lifts and firms. Long considered the “masterpiece” of the luxury skincare line’s catalogue, this improved, super-rich, silky smooth treasure delivers unparalleled results with even a stingy dab. $485 for 1.7 oz. or $880 for 3.4 oz

Editor’s Pick for Best At-Home Beauty Treatment: Trophy Skin MicrodermMD

EDITOR’S PICK, BEST AT-HOME SKINCARE TREATMENT: TROPHY SKIN MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion System Forget the days when you had to go in to get your skin polished and renewed. With this compact, easy-to use, fully equipped arsenal, you can now achieve the same skin transformation at home and without spending the big bucks. This new version is suitable even for sensitive skin and comes packed with the device, pore extraction tip, 100 pack filters, medium diamond tip, infusion tip, and power adapter. $299


Art of Shaving Lavender & Roman Chamomile Overnight Balm for Men

ART OF SHAVING Lavender and Roman Chamomile Overnight Balm The delicate scents of lavender and chamomile impart calming and aromatherapy benefits while jojoba oil, olive oil, and glycerine hydrate parched skin overnight for men. Free from alcohol and synthetic dyes, the balm is suitable even for sensitive skin and works almost like a leave-on mask to keep the skin looking healthy and glowing when you face the day. $45

dr. brandt Pores no More – Multi Performance Stick

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – Multi-performance Stick Imagine if one little product could provide high SPF 45 protection, blur the look of pores and lines instantly, hydrate, smooth, even-out skin texture and tone, and stay water-resistente for up to 80 minutes! That means less fussing with the beauty filters and and more time just looking your best for instagram! A powerful little on-the-go stick that provides all day coverage and a flawless look. $35

Saje Natural Wellness Rejuvenating Elixir

SAJE Rejuvenating Elixir Did you know that the company known for its beautiful home diffusers also carries a skincare line? Antioxidant-rich Evening Primrose, Neroli, and Rose Otto join an army of other nourishing oils in this 100% natural, vegan and plant-based skin treatment which can be used after your cleanser and toner to improve texture, replenish moisture and reduce the signs of aging. Just 2-3 drop is sufficient. No animal testing, no synthetics, and ideal for combination skin. $29.95

IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant Serum with A, C, E

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating A, C, E Serum A potent, concentrated essence packed with vitamins A, C, E and a blend of plant antioxidants including green tea to brighten skin, diminish signs of aging, and boost healthy collagen and elastin. Already on several “best of” lists for 2018, this little soldier is great for daily morning application under your sunscreen, and although a full dropper is recommended, can be used sparingly depending on preference. $60

LAFCO Feu de Bois Reparative Hand Cream

LAFCO Feu de Bois Reparative Hand Cream Your face looks good, but don’t forget that signs of ageing are often detected in the hands. This super aromatic and restorative hand cream is made with perfume-grade fragrances and moisture rich oils like cottonseed and jojoba. Think of a crackling fire, a leather armchair and the silage of sandalwood. It’s hypoallergenic, free or silicones, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom for a touch of beauty and luxury. $32