KING TUT EXHIBITION at the California Science Center

King Tut 100th Anniversary Exhibition. Photo: Ghalib Dhalla

More than 150 real objects from King Tut’s tomb, including some which have never before been displayed outside of Egypt, are on display at the California Science Center in an extraordinary 100th Anniversary exhibition.

King Tut on a skiff. Photo: Ghalib Dhalla

While the legendary Funeral Mask isn’t part of this, the vast collection is breathtaking in its beauty, craftsmanship and significance, and has been showcased meticulously on two separate floors, starting with a short introductory film displayed on a 180-degree screen which trails the discovery of the tomb by Howard Carter in 1922.

King Tut’s Wooden Bed. Photo: Ghalib Dhalla

The Egyptian Government has said that this is the last time the King Tut treasures will tour the world, so this may be your last chance to enjoy them before they return home. Standouts among this collection include the ceremonial wooden bed with lion feet, the gilded wooden figure of Tut on a skiff, and a 10′ tall temple statue.

Allow yourself at least 90 minutes to properly enjoy the exhibition, but plan on staying longer for full immersion.

More information on the King Tut Exhibition at the California Science Center HERE.