Photography: Vincent Peters Gets Personal

Photo @2016 Vincent Peters. All Rights Reserved.

Internationally renowned photographer, Vincent Peters has a timeless style that has attracted the likes of Penelope Cruz, Linda Evangelista, Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron to pose for him. In Personal, his follow up to 2014’s luminous The Light Between Us (both from teNeues), the photographer focuses on women once again and presents classic and mostly unpublished photos.

Born in Germany, Peters lives in Paris and Ibiza.  He uses the same camera he has been using since he was 18: a Mamiya RZ with a 110-mm lens. In a digital age, it’s refreshing that he remains faithful to film.

Penelope Cruz. Photo @2016 Vincent Peters. All Rights Reserved.

“All of the pictures in my books were taken on film,” he says.  “Not a single one came from a digital camera. When you change the process by which something is created, you also change the result. With analog photography, I don’t see my pictures until days later, so it’s about the intuition at the moment I press the shutter.”


— Ghalib Dhalla.