Republique: Eating in Chaplin’s Office.

Communal tables and local ingredients under Chef Walter Manzke bring the iconic office space constructed by Charlie Chaplin back in vogue.

Built in 1928 by the legendary actor and filmmaker, the mixed use building was also once the home of Campanile and La Brea Bakery where Chefs Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton changed the cuisine landscape of Los Angeles.

In its new phase, the designers sought to unveil even more of the original look of the historical building, down to the original brick, tile and ironwork.  Now a café, bakery, bar and bistro, Republique boasts a tasty all-day menu with such varied favorites as Brioche French Toast and Kimchi Fried Rice, and also special lunch and dinner menus with items like succulent Rosemary Chicken and, our favorite, Steak Frites.

The pastries are overseen by co-owner and wife, Margarita Manzke who worked at high profile restaurants including Spago, Patina and the two-star Michelin heavyweight, Mélisse. They are a revelation and it’s impossible not to be impressed by both the variety and taste; passionfruit eclaires, dulce de leche poundcake, salted caramel chocolate cake and perhaps their most popular, the creme brûlée bombolini (a cream filled donut glazed with caramelized sugar).

French food in Los Angeles with a convivial crowd and in a building where Chaplin once held court. What more could you ask for?

— Ghalib Dhalla. 

Republique 624 South La Brea, Los Angeles CA 90036 (310) 362-6115