SKINCARE: Groundbreaking Treatments at Aère Aesthetics

Jennifer Ordonio

It seems every year a new product or procedure is touted as a game-changer in the beauty biz. But if Jennifer Ordonio’s booked schedule at Aère Aesthetics is any indication, the new PRFM and PDO Threads procedures are truly something to shout about from the rooftops of their Sunset Boulevard clinic.

Neekan Rivera PA-C, Founder of Aère Aesthetics in LA and Denver uses this combination and has trained all her injectors including Jennifer in Los Angeles on this powerful combination.”Patients want procedures that are effective, but also anti-aging with minimal downtime. This combination offers just that.”

PRFM or Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, involves drawing your blood and placing it in a special centrifuge to spin, producing a yellow substance (yeah, like weaving gold from your plasma), which is then injected into your face, or combined with Microneedling (AKA The Vampire Facial) to fill the tiny micro-channels. The under eye area is by far the most popular because it helps to thicken the delicate skin, produce more volume, and give you that slept-my-full-8-hours look.

“PDO Threads have been around for many years,” says Jennifer. “They have been used in surgical sutures because they dissolve and get absorbed by the skin. As a result, the skin tissue if left with more collagen than before.” Threads are used for brow lifts, to lift cheek volume, improve smile lines, define lip borders, lift jowls, and tighten the lower face and jawline. And the best part is that the procedure only takes about 30 minutes, so you can about your daily tasks immediately after your appointment. “This is an excellent option for those are not quite ready for a full face lift, but are looking for that skin lift.”

Considering how much in demand they are, we recommend you book your appointments well in advance. And, of course, tell them Indulge sent you for that special VIP touch. PRF Treatments $550 and up; PDO Threads $750 and up.

— G. Dhalla

Aère Aesthetics – Los Angeles: 424-303-6420 / Denver: 303-834-3395