Precious Cargo: Books, Beauty & Vinyl

Hunks & Heroes - Jim Moore - Four Decades of Fashion at GQ (Rizzoli)


ART OF SHAVING – Limited Edition “Downton Abbey Collection” Go ahead, bring out the inner Crawley by slathering on the new, luxuriously rich shaving cream commemorating the Downton Abbey movie release. Inspired by fresh tonics and ancient spices, this limited edition swirls scents of coriander and cardamom to deliver a fresh yet spicy bouquet that’s unmistakably masculine and indisputably privileged. Prices vary per product.

HUNKS & HEROES Four Decades of Fashion at GQ By Jim Moore (Rizzoli New York) Moore, the high priest of men’s fashion, has for nearly forty years shaped the looks and tastes of men globally from the GQ altar, including this dazzling array of hunks and heroes. The tome of 250 photographs selected from the magazine is more than journey of style; it’s a celebration of men in all their beauty and nuances. $75

BEJEWELED: The World of Ethical Jewelry By Kyle Roderick (Rizzoli New York) Luxury without consciousness is so passé. Today, it’s crucial to know the source and process of the bling you’re wearing. This timely, one-of-a-kind book explores the importance of ethically sourced and sustainably mined jewelry through the profiles of fifteen game-changing designers including London-based, Pippa Small, Native American Hope artist, Dewey Nelson, and Southern California’s Loren Teetelli. $65

INDIA By Andreas Bitesnich (teNeues) Breathtaking images encompass life in India through its people, food, landmarks, nature, and wildlife. Every image by the prolific Vienna-based photographer, Bitesnich, evokes a sense of melancholy and wonder, thanks to a distinctly “aged” finish. Forget the ashrams and temples. Nowhere is India’s spirituality and soul more apparent than in the grit and mundane beauty captured through Bitesnich’s lens. www. $95 

ALFRED HITCHCOCK Cinema on the Edge of Nothing By Alfred Hitchcock et al. (Skira) Published on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Hitchcock, this volume celebrates the life and work of the filmmaker. Fans and film buffs will ogle at the wealth of information provided including photos and original content taken from the sets of masterpieces like Rear Window, Vertigo, and Psycho. Step into the mind of the master of suspense. $40

LAGERFELD: The Chanel Shows By Simon Procter (Rizzoli New York) A sumptuously large book that takes us into the epic world of Lagerfeld and his shows for Chanel. Procter’s unfettered access reveal the talent and humanistic side of the designer as well as the kaleidoscopic productions through intimate essays and never-before-seen photos. The images sprawl across the page and provide a sense of presence and unmatched spectacle while the insights into the legend and his process provide rare intimacy. $75

SUPREME GLAMOR By Mary Wilson, Mark Bego (Thames & Hudson) The Supremes were synonymous with glamor as much as catchy Motown tunes. Nearly 60 years later, group member, Mary Wilson shares a collection of thirty-two of their most memorable ensembles that were photographed on the stage of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles as well insightful anecdotes in this must-have tribute to one of the greatest girl bands of all time. $40

TALES FROM THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED By Pie Aerts (teNeues) Dutch photographer, Pie Aerts (an avid instagrammer!) opens some of the most secluded, remote corners of the world to us in this soulful world tour featuring such places as the deep jungles of West Papua to the tiniest Himalayan villages. Landscapes, people, animals, nature come mesmerizingly alive in his richly saturated images, evoking our wanderlust and innate desire to break free. $75 


FLUANCE RT85 REFERENCE HIGH FIDELITY TURNTABLE The Canadian company’s premiere turntable has been such a hit that month-long wait lists and even the site crashing upon availability has been commonplace. Featuring a stunning acrylic platter, Ortofon 2M Blue stylus (which alone costs around $200) and solid wood plinth, this is as much an indispensable part of the audiophile experience as it is a showpiece. $499.99 


RAISE THE TITANIC By John Barry (Silva Screen) Barry’s lush and elegiac score for the panned film (grossing only $7MM domestically) is made available in its entirety on vinyl for the first time, thanks to the label commissioning this recording by The City of Prague Philharmonic, and conducted by the composer’s arranger and orchestrator, Nick Raine. 15 flawlessly-sequenced tracks  make this a no-track-skipping experience and reminds us of Barry’s genius. $25 


ROBERTA FLACK AND DONNY HATHAWAY (Music on Vinyl) The self-titled album, considered one of the best duet albums of all time, is back in circulation in a deluxe gatefold, hefty 180g vinyl. Packing such emotional hits as Where Is The Love, I (Who Have Nothing), and For All We Know, the classic 70’s album delivers nostalgia and flawless artistry through crisp, impeccable audiophile sound. Pull out the wine, light the candle, and get immersed in the warmth of two iconic artists. $33.99


YO-YO MA PLAYS ENNIO MORRICONE (Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition) Grab this gem while you can. The music is journey of romance, reinterpreted and even enhanced by the lauded cellist, and features such Morricone classics as Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, and Once Upon a Time in America. What makes this offering irresistible is the issue on 2 crystal clear vinyl that’s spectacular to hear and watch. $30.99

— Ghalib Dhalla