Interview: Lara Fabian Returns with “Papillon”

Lara Fabian returns with new French album, Papillon.

Lara Fabian is back with a new French language album, Papillon and opens up in an exclusive about the what inspired her and the importance of living in the present moment.

Lara Fabian “Papillon”

INDULGE: It’s been more than 4 years since you have released a French album. Tell us about how and why you were inspired to do so now with Papillon?

LARA: Perhaps because of the new events in my life. The return to Quebec to coach in The Voice and being able to give back and work with young talent inspired me.

INDULGE: Why the title Papillon (Butterfly)?

LARA: Because this album is an ode to life. I’m making an analogy with those little hours in the journey of this majestic insect. If we only had 24 hours before us, how would we live our lives? We would really taste it. This is the message of the album.

INDULGE: Almost all the titles have to do with love.

LARA: I’m an incurable romantic. It’s in my DNA as a woman and a singer.

INDULGE: Wasn’t “farfalla” (Papillon in Italian) also your nickname as a child?

LARA: Yes, my grandmother had given me a butterfly as a totem. I was indeed a child who worried easily, who asked a lot of questions. She had given it to me to remind me of the importance of being  in the here and now, of living the moment.

INDULGE: And this has become your philosophy in life now.

LARA: Yes, I’m lucky. I’m surrounded by love and kindness. When I open my door after a day of work, my daughter Lou and my husband Gabriel offer nurturing. This happiness I get from my family helps me to age gracefully.

INDULGE: Your mother suffers from Lewy Body Dementia – a mix of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. How are you handling this, and has this also influenced you?

LARA: My mom is very sick. We are in a relatively sad phase of the disease. We do the best we can. You know, you’re never ready to lose a parent. It’s very difficult. But it forces us to enjoy life while she is there. This disease is a great lesson for me in being in the here and now.

Lara Fabian’s “Papillon” is available worldwide including on iTunes (US) and Amazon.

This interview was originally conducted in French, and has been translated for our readers.