SPOTLIGHT: Singer-Songwriter, Eileen Carey

Eileen Carey

The recognitions keep mounting. Eileen Carey was named Los Angeles Music Awards “Live Country Performer” (2017), “Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year” by New Music Weekly (2018) and “Country Female Solo Artist of the Year” by the Las Vegas Producers Choice Honors event held at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas earlier this year. We caught up with singer-songwriter…

INDULGE: You’ve accomplished a lot. Can you think back to when it all started?

EILEEN: I think as far back as I can remember, I played drums as a kid, sung in the school plays, but career –wise it came out of my work life booking entertainment for the Sheraton Organization here in California. I realized that I could do what the entertainers were doing. I could sing just as well. I loved music and took a chance. “That Town,” which I have re-written and recorded again is also the recording that led a country radio promoter tell me that the song and I belonged on country radio. The earlier version won a fan vote for best song over Martina McBride. Then my single of the Patsy Cline song won so many people in Nashville to my music, that it seemed only right to go Country.

INDULGE: Talk about the challenges you faced.

EILEEN: It’s always hard to start in the music business, but it is hard work to do anything new. My message in my music is that we can do what we believe we can do, and that the journey itself is a reward in life. There is no doubt to me that being a woman in country music has always been a “bump in the road” but I just keep making the best records I can, and then let the chips fall where they may. The current music video of “That Town” deals with some of my coming to California from Ohio. It refers to that road it takes to leave what you are used to, comfortable with, to create a bigger footprint in the world, regardless of the blocks. I think that roadblocks can be seen as challenges. As tests of our commitment. Sort of, “what don’t kill you makes you stronger.” Much of life is how you choose to see things. My songs urge folks to be bold. If you want something you have to go for it! Own it!

INDULGE: When you’re performing, how do you keep your energy up when traveling from city to city?

EILEEN: Stay healthy. Mind, body and soul. I eat carefully, work out regularly and get sleep. Been regularly training and working out kick-boxing for years. My animals keep me busy and energetic as well. My band members are very professional and focused when on the road. Performing is a job, albeit a good one. People pay to see and hear you, and they deserve the artist’s very best every night. That takes conditioning and vigilance much like that for an athlete.

INDULGE: Tell us about your songwriting process.

EILEEN: Generally I get an idea, something that looks or sounds like it is a song, and I make a note of it. I find driving is a very strong song incubator. When I get an idea I write down notes, than a preliminary lyric idea. Maybe a title, a chorus. Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes not. I collaborate a great deal, so when I have a lyric and a melody idea, I go to the co-writer who would be best to complete it.

INDULGE: What’s on the horizon for you? What can we look forward to?

EILEEN: I’m back at The Rose in Pasadena, California, sharing the stage with Martha Davis and the Motels on December 22nd. Just now releasing a new single called “Anything That Reminds Me of You,” which has jumped off to a quick start. And I will be heading back to Nashville after the holidays. I am Also, looking forward to releasing my first co-write with my producer Travis Allen, and since he has moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, I am expecting to spend more time in Nashville in 2019.

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