SCENT-SATIONAL: Best of Fragrances

Drop the mass-market shlock! Treat yourself to one of these priceless creations, valuable for both the unique fragrance and artistry, and sure to set you apart…

CLIVE CHRISTIAN Private Collection: C Woody Leather with Oudh Intense One in an arsenal of 10, this limited edition is a masculine and rich amalgamation of saffron, leather and oudh, and can be combined with its counterparts for continued metamorphosis. But even on its own, this is an epic scent with a dependable sillage, and presented in a luxurious box rarely seen outside of a priceless, royally-dubbed spirit.  $625

ATELIER BLOEM: Nieuw Amsterdam A stunning creation.  Geranium rose, peony and cedarwood are only a few of the masterfully selected notes that dance to this opus, unisex fragrance by vets Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz (of Malin+Goetz) and inspired by Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam’s famed floating flower market. Clean and elegant on the outside, it’s rich and beautifully complex on the inside. $195

PENHALIGON’S Agarbathi Eau de Parfum Is it a temple, a sensual boudoir or an ethereal abode? The spiritual and sensual blend seamlessly in this concoction involving bergamot, incense, jasmine, vetiver and a few other equally harmonious notes. A unisex scent that takes on an even more complex and exciting nuance as it warms upon your skin. $210 

THE ART OF SHAVING COLOGNE INTENSE: Sandalwood & Cypress: This undeniably masculine scent conjures old-world, barber shop nostalgia and is versatile enough to wear in the daytime or nighttime. The floral-woodsy notes of sandalwood are beautifully balanced by the freshness of bergamot and cedarwood, and the end result is sensual and clean; a great compliment to their outstanding Sandalwood shaving products line. $100

PENHALIGON’S PORTRAITS: The Uncompromising Sohan The British perfumer’s satirical and wittily marketed line is a top-notch entry into the world of luxury fragrance. Aptly titled, this weighty, spectacular Maltese Falcon-esque flacon filled with crimson liquid is intoxicating with its dark rose overture and thrum of woodsy oud. Confident, sexy, and definitely, uncompromising. $250

TRUDON: Mortel Pepper, metal and ancient resins like incense and benzoin combine to result in this edgy, sexy fragrance created by nose Yann Vasnier (who also created Mark Jacobs Bang) and presented in an elegant bottle designed by Pauline Deltour. The fragrance is bold and complex, flirts with danger, and delivers a smoky sensuality conjuring elements of film noir. $190

— Ghalib Dhalla.