Emmy-nominated CONVERSATIONS IN LA introduces new LGBTQ characters

Sterling Jones (left) and Brett Benner in Conversations in L.A.

Out actors Brett Benner (Life in Color) and Sterling Jones (Major CrimesNCIS) will guest star during Season 2 of the digital drama series, Conversations in LA in a groundbreaking episode titled, “Narcotics Anonymous,” exploring the intersection of addiction and recovery in the gay community. 

“I think now more than ever there’s tremendous importance on continuing to show gay and lesbian characters as realistic multi-dimensional people,” says Benner, “and not just the bitchy best friend or for comedic relief. What I love about Alex’s story is the person he is in season 1 is so diametrically opposite of who is is in season 2. We see him progress from that bitchy stereotype to someone who has real issues and real feelings, stripped down and left defenseless…We need more stories about aging in the gay world because they get marginalized as they age. We’re all living longer, fuller lives now and have so much to offer. The stories don’t end at 49. For many it’s just the start of a new chapter.” 

Anne Marie Cummings and Gustavo Velasquez as Michelle and Gus in Conversations in L.A.

Co-star Jones adds, “When I was a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere Texas, I thought I was the only gay in the history of mankind. Then came Will and Grace, and I saw my entire family gathering around the TV every Thursday to watch. It was very exciting and positive to see my Christian, Republican family laughing along with Jack and his antics. Within that, I found hope that one day, I too, could feel the same acceptance from my family. Without that TV show normalizing gays and the gay lifestyle, I’m not sure if I would have ever come out as early in life. That is why it’s important to have our stories told.”

Conversations in LA is a dark comedy from East Coast native Anne Marie Cummings (creator, writer, director, star) and Immediate Vision Productions telling a modern-day story about a young Hispanic man (Gustavo Velasquez), who’s already had a fair amount of sexual experience and is genuinely searching for a meaningful relationship when his path intersects with Michelle Macabee (Cummings), dealing with career transition, pet loss, and menopause. 

— GD

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