PRECIOUS CARGO: Books & Beauty

The Watch Book Rolex (teNeues)



THE WATCH BOOK ROLEX By Gisbert Brunner (teNeues) For Rolex owners and fans of its artistry, this handsome book lavishly covers the history of the company as well as its portfolio through hundreds of photos and insights from wristwatch historian, Brunner. The text comes in English, French and German, and the book takes us on a chronological journey from the company’s inception in the early 1900’s to the present. Rolex may have been gracing your wrist and now it’s time to let it adorn your coffee table. $75


CABINET OF WONDERS: THE GASTON-LOUIS VUITTON COLLECTION By Patrick Mauries (Thames & Hudson) A luxurious, large-format tome celebrating a collection of curiosities by the grandson of the founder of the internationally renowned brand. Masks, canes, perfume bottles, luggage tags, books, printed monograms and more — it’s like being taken on an exotic journey around the world without leaving your armchair. $95


PRECIOUS INDIAN WEAPONS: AND OTHER PRINCELY ACCOUTREMENTS (Al-Sabah Collection) By Salam Kaoukji (Thames & Hudson) Breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe the collection of nearly 200 jeweled weapons and accouterments from the Indian subcontinent in this hefty, dazzling book. Divided into 14 chapters and covering various weapons including knives and swords, this collection is a testament to the artistry, opulence and beauty that went into each of the lethal masterpieces. $75


THE BESTSELLER CODE: ANATOMY OF THE BLOCKBUSTER NOVEL By Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers While this will undoubtedly become an essential manual for those seeking to write their own bestseller, it’s also a groundbreaking and fascinating study of how computers using an algorithm were able to reveal the common features of bestselling books. Most captivating is the revelatory analysis of why Fifty Shades of Grey has a lot more in common with any of Grisham’s books and was destined to become a bestseller. $25.99

don bachardy

DON BACHARDY: NUDES By Edmund White and Don Bachardy (Craig Krull Gallery) In 2002,  Santa Monica-based artist, Don Bachardy was commissioned to depict a different  male nude every day. The artist captured men of all ages in different poses and moods in stunning colors.  Thanks to the large format and beautiful reproductions, it’s easy to believe you’re relishing the originals. $85



STACKEDSKINCARE DERMAPLANNING TOOL A non-invasive and portable exfoliation tool that mimics the benefits of an in-office dermaplanning treatment. By removing the surface layer of dead cells, the skin appears brighter, smoother and in an optimal state to absorb your skincare products. $75 


SUN BUM CONDITIONING MASK BEACH FORMULA It smells so delicious, you may just be tempted to eat it! Super rich moisturizing conditioning hair masque that’s redolent of bananas and suitable for all hair types. Packed with coconut oil and banana pulp, it repairs and rejuvenates instantly. $19.99


MALIN+GOETZ VITAMIN B5 BODY LOTION Vitamin B5, Shea-butter, essential fatty acids and a touch of honey are combined in this bestselling body lotion to repair and moisturize without leaving a cloying, heavy residue. Smells of fresh bergamot, and although a little pricey, a little goes a long way. $74


FRESH SUGAR LIP CARAMEL HYDRATING BALM If you can keep from licking it off your own lips, this delicious smelling, luxuriously rich lip balm will smooth and comfort the lips while providing a healthy kissable shine. Take this potent little canister with you wherever you go and dab it on indulgently. $18