Artist, Jeff Koons shows his Mona Lisa handbag for Louis Vuitton.

Parisian fashion behemoth Louis Vuitton and pop-art provocateur Jeff Koons have joined hands for the “Masters” collection in which the artist has selected a handful of the most iconic paintings in the world — Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s A Wheat-field with Cypresses, Titian’s Mars, Venus and Cupid, Ruben’s The Tiger Hunt and Fragonard’s Girl with Dog — and remixed them onto handbags, shawls and more.


“What’s wonderful about working with Luis Vuitton,” says Koons, “is that they’re the finest in the world. The first samples come through and it’s like, ‘Wow! That’s better than anything I’ve seen before.”

The LV and JK monogram dance alongside on the creations which are available here.

— Kelly Fine