Safari Made Simple: Sarova Salt Lick – Where the Animals Come to You

Sarova Salt Lick Lodge, Taita Hills, Kenya. Photo: Ghalib Dhalla

Who wouldn’t want to fly off to Kenya , take a safari, and feel as if they’ve been dropped into a scene from Out of Africa? (filmed, by the way, in Kenya). But often the logistics, cost, and sheer planning can keep this dream from becoming a reality. Nowadays, thanks to improved flight routes and all-inclusive resort packages that neither break the bank nor require a pricey travel agent, indulging in a safari is easier than you think!

A parade of elephants gather around the hotel.

Kenya has always been a safari favorite, even as South Africa and Tanzania have elbowed onto the list. Going to Africa may elicit some safety concerns for the newbie, but be assured that Kenya, where everyone speaks English and at least some German and Italian, has been always been a considerably safe option on the travel advisory board. Visas can easily be obtained online at

Sarova Hotels Kenya is one of Africa’s most prestigious hotel chains boasting a portfolio of about a dozen pristine properties including such luxury resorts as the paradisiacal Whitesands Resort & Spa on the North Coast of Kenya, and the stunningly elevated safari destination, Sarova Salt Lick Lodge, about a 4 hour-drive from the coast in breathtaking Taita Hills. American travelers can hitch a direct flight on Kenya Airways from JFK to the capital city of Nairobi, but if you’re on the West Coast, Turkish Airlines (with a connection in Istanbul) is the best option connection, landing you directly on the enchanting island of Mombasa.

Once there, spending a couple of days recovering from the almost 20-hour journey at Whitesands, a sprawling luxury resort and spa located on the pristine beaches of the North Coast is highly recommended. From there, the hotel can arrange for comfortable, air-conditioned transportation for a whole family to their safari Salt Lick Lodge sanctuary inside the Tsavo West National Park. The property has been lauded consistently with awards including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, and a World Luxury Spa Award, and is one of the most photographed properties thanks to its unique accommodations in 96 circular rooms elevated on stilts and linked by walkways. You can choose to remain on the property and let the animals come to you as they frequent the watering hole, or the lodge can help book a private safari drive. Either way, there’s a plethora of game to be enjoyed during the early morning, afternoon, and even night safaris, each offering a variety of sightings, and followed by a sumptuous meal back at the whisper-quiet lodge.

— G. Dhalla

Daily rates at the Sarova Salt Lick Lodge and Whitesands Resort & Spa range from only about $250 upwards depending on season and vacancy. 

Sarova Hotels HERE. Kenya Airways HERE. Turkish Airlines HERE.  Kenya Tourist Visas HERE.