Coco and the arts II from Women of Singular Beauty by Cathleen Naundorf (Rizzoli)

LES TRIOMPHES DE PÉTRARQUE (With illustrations from the Aube windows) (Diane de Selliers) Completing “the collection” consisting of Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Decameron of Boccaccio is François Petrarch’s Triumphs, an allegorical poem about the suffering for love from Renaissance Europe, and accompanied by the stunning stained glass windows from a small church in Aube. About $250


RICHARD BERNSTEIN STARMAKER – ANDY WARHOL’S COVER ARTIST by Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha) (Rizzoli) For many, the work of graphic artist Bernstein became synonymous with Warhol. His bold, saturated portraits of iconic artists like Grace Jones, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson and Madonna, graced the covers of Warhol’s Interview magazine, and will forever embody the disco era. Presented in this large format book, they continue dazzle with spicy anecdotes $55

David Sedaris

CALYPSO by David Sedaris (Little, Brown and Company) After a break of 5 years, Sedaris returns with a sidesplitting yet dark collection of stories that focus on his family, including tackling the double-loss of his mother, and sister, Tiffany, and bridging the gap with his Republican father. Sedaris’ brand of wry humor and wit never get passé, a feat he has now managed through ten successive books, starting with the who-can-forget debut, Naked. This one, too, is simply unputdownable. $28

WOMEN OF SINGULAR BEAUTY: Chanel Haute Couture by Cathleen Naundorf (Rizzoli) The vaults have been opened and legendary photographer, Naundorf who has a special eye for immortalizing haute couture captures the work of Chanel. Sophisticated, timeless, moody and unabashedly romantic — the handpicked collection was photographed in historic locations around Paris and supplemented with pages from Naundorf’s notebooks. $115

BORN TO ICE by Paul Nicklen (teNeues) A massive tome that reflects the majestic beauty of the Arctic and Antártica. Through the lens of this BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and top instagram photography influencer, we gain unfettered access to a breathtaking world of the region’s wildlife, icy landscapes and freezing seas — which may look formidable, but are seriously endangered. The book is an invitation to meditate over its beauty as well as a rousing call for preservation. $125

MY HIMALAYA: 40 Years among Buddhists by Olivier Follmi (teNeues) In the almost 200 breathtaking photographers inspired by his 40 years of Himalayan travels, Follmi, a World Press Photo Award-winner, reveals Tibet as being extraordinarily spiritual and beautiful. It’s landscapes, people and way of life are given a reverential tribute in this delightfully hefty and rich collection of photographs and personal stories. Whether the photo of an impish child in a fur hat or a group of men trekking on glassy ice, each image is an indelible, breathtaking, contemplative. $95


TIMEKEEPERS By Simon Garfield (Canon Gate) That device you wear on your wrist and take for granted has a varied and rich history. Presented here are more a collection of stories than a history of timekeeping in which Garfield covers an interesting swath including The Beatles and Beethoven, the Apple watch and even IWC. But history buffs, be advised, there’s almost no mention of the ancients without whom we might still be glaring at the sun, and which might have made for an even more stimulating read. $25