Anitta, Clock Face, The Surreal Thing, Series, New York, 1987 - Matthew Rolston

HOLLYWOOD ROYALE: Out of the School of Los Angeles by Matthew Rolston (teNeues) We dare you not to feel starstruck. Rolston, who came out of Warhol’s Interview magazine and is considered one of the most influential celebrity photographers from the 80’s, is presented in all his glory in this large-format collection of more than 100 glamorous photos (many rare) that include the likes of Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and Spielberg. Simply iconic. $125


LOUIS VUITTON: A Passion for Creation: New Art, Fashion & Architecture by Valerie Steele (Rizzoli) This hefty,  updated tome of 536 pages covers Vuitton’s collaborations from the late 1990’s to the present with more than 80 artists including Nicolas Ghesquière, Marc Jacobs, and Takashi Murakami. The homage is staggering in scope and detail, packed with stunning images, and impressively showcases the magic when creative luminaries join forces. $125

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VEGGIE HOTELS The Joy of Vegetarian Vacations (teNeues) You no longer have to compromise your culinary lifestyle when taking a luxury vacation, because this gorgeous book has done all the homework by identifying more than 60 vegetarian, vegan, and vegan-friendly hotels and bed & breakfasts from around the world — as featured on the VeggieHotels® and VeganWelcome® websites. Included also are secret recipes from top chefs. $65


THE AMOROUS HEART An Unconventional History of Love by Marilyn Yalom (Basic Books) Cuddle up in bed with this fascinating and enlightening book that tracks matters of the heart across 2,500 years. Yalom takes us from the Ancient Egyptians (who believed the organ was the seat of amorous feelings) to the kitsch and commercialism of Valentine’s Day and the advent of the emoji. We heart this book! $27


SAJE AROMAART HIGH TIDE Yes, you can always find bargain priced diffusers nowadays, but once you try a Saje diffuser, there’s no going back. Started by the husband and wife team of Jean-Pierre and Kate Ross LeBlanc, the brand prides itself in the power of 100% natural, plant-derived wellness products and quality. This limited edition diffuser, designed by San Francisco artist, Heather Day, and inspired by the sea, benefits DrawBridge, a non-profit that provides art programs to kids in need, so it’s a win-win. $84.95


SHINOLA The Runwell Turntable Vinyl is in and now you can show it off on this stunning turntable designed for the music enthusiast. No-nonsense operation, featuring a built in phono preamplifier and a belt driven pulley with speeds of 33 1/3 rpm and 45rpm, and handmade in Detroit. Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee and choice of colors including Rose Gold. $2,500