Precious Cargo: Spring’s Must-Haves!

Shi-Taz Resort Chic Fashion. Photo: Agung Dharma and Uki Riasdiansyah.


GENGHIS KHAN AND THE QUEST FOR GOD by Jack Weatherford (Viking) The New York Times Bestselling-author, Jack Weatherford has a knack for weaving non-fiction books that enthrall like novels with their larger-than-life characters, complex lives and pervasive consequences. His latest, a revisionist history on the legendary 13th Century Mongolian warlord who influenced even Thomas Jefferson, is a sweeping, thoroughly accessible treasure that regals like an epic miniseries you don’t want to end. $28

BILLIE HOLIDAY AT SUGAR HILL By Jerry Dantzic & Grayson Dantzic (Thames & Hudson) That haunting voice, those iconic images…Billie Holiday the public star and the private person are captured vividly in this priceless book with many previously unpublished photos. Whether pouring her pain into song while on stage or cuddling with her pet Chihuahua, this is a deeply moving celebration of the artist’s life through the almost 100 sumptuous black and white photos. $40


THE ART OF SHAVING Green Lavender Cologne Intense Don’t even think of any lavender scents you’re familiar with. This masculine new fragrance is sexy, fresh and totally unique. Notes of Bergamot and Orange take top honors before giving way to Lavender and Rosemary, and finally Cypress, Tonka Beans and Moss. Versatile for both daytime and evening, but always a bit edgy. $100

Green Lavender from The Art of Shaving.

MOLTON BROWN Mesmerizing Oudh Accord & Gold Eau de Toilette Nowadays the market is flooded with fragrances containing Oudh, but Molton Brown’s version stands apart because it veers away from the flowery to the spicy, making it more versatile for both men and women. Cinnamon and Nutmeg feature prominently in this Oudh version and are softened by some Honey. It’s a more intense version of the rich, spicy East. Also available in bath products. $65

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold


SHI-TAZ EXOTIQUES Designer Jet D. Shirey’s love of Bali, which she considers her soul-home, manifested itself in her stunning resort-chic clothing line which includes skirts, halters, blouses and unisex robes. The collection is made by hand in Indonesia — traditionally batiked, colored, painted, or hand embroidered — and uses Rayon Voile material found only in Bali. Super-comfortable, light-weight and boasting unique, original designs. Prices vary

Shi-Taz Exotiques Resort-Chic Fashion. Photo: Agung Dharma and Uki Riasdiansyah.

ARBONNE INTELLIGENCE Genius Ultra Don’t you wonder whether those hi-tech wands used during facials actually work or if they’re only trying to impress? Arbonne’s sleek and portable applicator, backed up by thorough research, proves it pays to apply skincare products by using its warmth and gentle waves rather than slathering them on with your fingers. Arbonne recommends using this applicator with their potent products, but even if you are married to your brand, that’s cool, this is still a weapon you need in your arsenal against anti-aging. $280

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra.

Shi-Taz Exotiques Resort-Chic Collection. Photo: Agung Dharma and Uki Riasdiansyah.

MIOSOLO All-in-One Diaper Yeah, your baby’s cute, and so are these reusable cloth diapers from the U.K. so let’s pair them up and save you some money in the process! This one-size diaper, which can be used from birth through to potty training, has three rise settings and an accommodating waist band that uses easy hook and loop fastening. The water-resistant outer fabric, concealed super-absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer keeps the diaper working hard until you’re ready to toss it in the washing machine. Did we mention the super-cute, limited edition designs? $21.99

Super-cute Miosolo All-in-One Diapers.

KARITÉ SHEA BUTTER Hand Cream One use and you’re hooked. Because this delicately scented, concentrated cream is packed with raw, unrefined shea butter sourced from Ghana, sustainably-sourced palm oil and organic coconut oil.  Free of chemicals and limited to these essential, potent ingredients, the cream is ideal even for sensitive skin, but delivers the potency of few other hand creams in the market. We also love the simple, elegant packaging with the “wood” cap. $36

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.25.48 PM
Karité Shea Butter Hand Cream.