Hollywood veteran “bad guy” Jasper Cole is that face you recognize even when the name eludes. This Saturday, April 15th, he guest stars on CBS’ freshman series, Training Day, which will serve as a tribute to the show’s star, the late Bill Paxton. Cole gives us a glimpse into the actor behind the manacing characters…

INDULGE: What was it like working with Bill and James Paxton?

JASPER COLE: It was a true pleasure working with both Bill and James Paxton. They are both part of two different very poignant father/son relationships in this episode. It’s still hard to believe Bill is gone as he was such a great guy and terrific actor. It was amazing seeing he and James together on the set, especially now in hindsight, it will always hold a special place in my career. My heart goes out to James and his family.

What’s it like being Hollywood’s go-to bad boy?

JASPER COLE: My history of playing “Bad Guys” has been such a blessing in my career. It all started around my 40th birthday and I’m now 53. I started to book a few roles and I decided to really change my whole look and reintroduce myself to the industry that I had already been working in for over 20 yrs at that point. I often laugh that it took me 20 years to get type cast and I love it.

INDULGE: How do you prepare for such roles?

JASPER COLE: I try to always approach these Bad Guy roles from the perspective that they are flawed humans who all justify their horrible behavior in various ways. Some started out in life good people and turned, others may have been born evil and only got worse from there. I try not to judge the characters and since I was a psychology major in college I to try to get inside their heads and live their lives on screen.

INDULGE: What’s next?

JASPER COLE: I have several films in the can: Awaken the Shadowman, Captured and Model Home and my ongoing syndicated radio show ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE on iTunes, iheart radio.

More on Jasper Cole at http://www.jaspercole.com

— Vic Riobo.