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MARIO’S HARD ESPRESSO Handcrafted in “very small batches” using a Sicilian family recipe with 100% Arabica coffee, organic Madagascar Vanilla and real cane sugar. A delectable, superbly balanced potion, which is as enjoyable neat as it is in your mixology (check out some of their IG-worthy cocktail recipes online). We also love the sturdy prohibition style bottle, not to mention the beefcake flexing his muscles on the label!

OPIHR Spices of the Orient – London Dry Gin “What is it we are tasting?” you’ll ask yourself. Because this complex gin may be unlike any you’ve savored before. A melange of spices including cumin, coriander, cardamom, and black pepper make this a sensory journey that will delight dry martini and mixed drinks imbibers alike. Pronounced “o, peer!” the gin takes its name from a place of legendary untold wealth in the bible, and justifiably so. Such a spirit, packed with precious, exotic notes, deserves no less.

NIGHTBLOOM No. 3 Vodka Someone just put the sexy back into the eponymous vodka. A line of American-made craft vodka that uses artisanal ingredients for a unique and sophisticated taste. Our favorite, #3, is infused with smoked dates, giving the potion a seductive amber color and a delicious, but not cloying flavor. Enjoy this one on the rocks or with soda water. Something this good doesn’t really need a mixer.


RICHARD HUNT By Adrienne Childs et al (Gregory R. Miller & Co – d.a.p) Hunt set the record when at 35 years old his 1971 retrospective exhibition at MoMA made him the first African American sculptor at the museum. This definitive look at his work and career contains more than 350 images, including historical photographs, installation images, images of Hunt in his studio, newspaper clippings and a plate section of significant works from throughout the artist’s career. $65.42

MONDRIAN EVOLUTION By Ulf Kuster (Hatje Cantz – d.a.p.) Dedicated to the multifaceted work and artistic development of one of the pioneers of abstract art on the occasion of his 150th birthday. Though Mondrian’s early work was influenced by 19th century Dutch landscape painting, he later immersed himself in Symbolism and Cubism and became famous for his compositions of black lines and rectangular fields in primary colors. Packed with over 300 illustrations. $75

DAVID ADJAYE – Works 2007 – 2015 Houses, Pavilions, Installations, Buildings By David Adjaye (Thames & Hudson) A follow-up to the famed architect’s 1995 – 2007 book, this edition encompasses his projects from the latter period and is enhanced by personal insights, detailed drawings, site plans, and color photography. Adjaye is the winner of the 2021 RIBA Royal Gold Medal, and his renowned projects include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, two libraries in Washington DC, and the Sugar Hill building in Harlem, NY. $90

CHRISTIAN BÉRARD Eccentric Modernist (Flammarion) By Célia Bernasconi et al. The multi-hyphenate, artist — a painter, designer of theater and film sets and costumes, fashion designer, interior designer, masterful draftsman, and colorist — gets a fittingly sturdy monograph containing more than two hundred of his paintings, drawings, photographs, intimate correspondences, and interior decorations, portraits, and more. $75

A WORLD HISTORY OF WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS By Luce Lebart and Marie Robert (Thames & Hudson) A massive, milestone book celebrating the photography of three hundred women photographers spanning from 1850 to the present day, including Chen Lingyang, Sigriður Zoëga, Sandra Eleta, and Nair Benedicto. The images, ranging from whimsical to melancholy, are arresting, transformational; a testament to how women from different backgrounds and ethnicities have overthrown gender and sexuality tropes and played a vital role in the development of the art form. $112

KHA Kerry Hills Architects – Works and Projects (Thames & Hudson) This comprehensive illustrated monograph captures the work of the pioneering company known for designing buildings that are sensitive to their settings, the landscape, and cultural contexts. Always stunning, some look as sleek as Bond, others as idyllic as a Nihonga. Blossoming from a small Singapore studio, today KHA innovates architecture globally with a portfolio that includes public buildings and private residences as well as resorts and hotels, including a trio of prestigious Aman hotel properties. $95

FROM SOUL TO SOLE The Adidas Sneakers of Jacques Chassaing By Jacques Chassaing, Jason Coles (Rizzoli) Chassaing, widely acknowledged as the father of modern running and basketball sneakers, reveals, for the first time, the tale behind his four decade career as a designer who has constantly pushed boundaries and earned legions of fans including celebrities like Michael Jordan, Run DMC, Paul Gaudio and more – many of whom contribute in the book. $60


LAFCO Feu de Bois Reed Diffuser Sandalwood, cedar, leather accord, and frankincense mate to create a warm and sensual fragrance that is perfect for the crispy time of year. Available in a 6 oz. and luxurious 15.5 size, the high quality juice is both potent and long lasting (up to 6 months or more with the larger size), and comes in their elegant signature bottle — an art piece in itself. $125 for 6 oz.

DRINKMATE OmniFizz Countertop Sparkling Water and Soda Maker A fun and super easy way to carbonate anything. Imagine adding bubbles to wine, creating your own sodas, or just having some sparkling water at the touch of a button! We love that the machine takes up little countertop space and comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen. $110.99

MYSTIC BY ESME Candles are elegant to begin with, but with these hand-painted tapers, you’ve elevated the glow to art. Inspired by folk art and soulful interior design, Esme Saleh has created a range of gorgeous, limited edition tapers that are sure to sell out if you don’t act fast! $42 for a pair