John Galliano for Dior By Robert Faier (Thames and Hudson)


JOHN GALLIANO FOR DIOR By Robert Fairer et al. (Thames & Hudson) When he was appointed at the helm of the House of Dior, Galliano said, “I see myself as a guardian of Dior’s spirit, a keeper of his dreams.” In this handsome and hefty tribute tome capturing a decade of Galliano’s creations for the esteemed house, we are treated to some inspiring and never-before-seen images by Vogue photographer, Robert Fairer, and given the ultimate all-access key. Presented in a deluxe slipcase cover. $160

1950s in VOGUE – The Jessica Daves Years, 1952 – 1962 By Rebecca C. Tuite (Thames & Hudson) Preceding Diana Vreeland as Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Daves spurred Vogue into what’s been acknowledged as the magazine’s “powerful years” during which it embraced a wider scope of fashion tastes, introduced a healthy cultural dose, and helped refine and define tastes and personal style. The slipcased-tome written by Tuite, a fashion historian, is replete with photographs, illustrations, spreads from the magazines archives, and unpublished photos and letters from Daves’s personal archives. $95

FEDERICO FELLINI: The Book of Dreams By Fellini (Rizzoli) A treasury of the prolific, legendary Italian filmmaker’s drawings or, as he himself described them, “scribbles, rushed and ungrammatical notes.” Only they are much more. It’s a deep dive into the colorful, extravagant, and visionary mind of the genius, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s back in print in such an appropriately voluptuous edition. This new edition coincides with the centenary of Fellini’s birth and a traveling exhibition on the director. $115

ULTIMATE TOYS FOR MEN – NEW EDITION By Michael Gormann (teNeues) For the man who has everything, here’s a sumptuous catalogue to whets the appetite even more! If money’s no object, and the toy list might include a sports car, mega yacht or the finest wine, then this updated book will present a dazzling array of only the most luxurious suggestions. Exclusive wines from South Africa, tails of planes that you can now place a cocktail upon…the finds are endless and mesmerizing. $95

THAT PHOTO MAKES ME HUNGRY – Photographing Food For Fun and Profit By Andrew Scrivani (The Countryman Press)

THAT PHOTO MAKES ME HUNGRY – Photographing Food For Fun and Profit By Andrew Scrivani (The Countryman Press) Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a pro, Scrivani’s book, inspired by the class he’s been teaching since 2012, will up your game like never before. A contributing photographer for The N.Y. Times, Scrivani delves into invaluable topics like lighting, food styling, the settings on your camera, social media posting, and more. Getting likes on your insta is going to be a piece of cake. $24.95

GOLF The Ultimate Book By Stefan Maiwald (teNeues) Golf enthusiasts will delight in this hefty book celebrating the most exclusive, sophisticated, and spectacular gift resorts in the world while also capturing the history and development of this lifestyle sport. Entertaining anecdotes, astute resort reviews, and stunning photographs make this an indispensable tribute and guide. $65


NATUROPATHICA If you’re looking for a holistic approach to skincare, look no further than this line created by Barbara Close, a an herbalist, esthetician, and aromatherapist who has put as much care in the ingredients as she has in the packaging of the products by using only recyclable materials whenever possible. Of the line, the trio of Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist, and Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel are must-haves for your arsenal. Balm $62 Mist $34 Peel $58

YSL BLACK OPIUM Eau de Parfum Neon Wake the senses up with this twist on the classic fragrance, now imbued with coffee, orange blossom, and dragonfruit accord, and presented in a vivacious elongated bottle with a neon-pink round window. The fragrance has warmth and spiciness, has a formidable sillage, but softens nicely over time. $112 for 2.5 oz


Little Women
Little Women (Soundtrack) By Alexandre Desplat (Music on Vinyl)

LITTLE WOMEN By Alexandre Desplat (Music on Vinyl) This deluxe gatefold edition of the Oscar-winning composer’s new score is presented on two 180-gram discs and includes a 32-page booklet containing rare photos, liner notes, and sheet music. The Golden Globe-nominated music ranges from playful to tender and romantic, with such classically wistful Desplat tracks pulling the heartstrings like Father Comes Home, and Laurie and Joe on the Hill.  About $32.99


MARIAH CAREY – DAYDREAM (Vinyl Me Please) On her fifth studio album, Mariah collaborated with the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Boyz II Men, and Babyface, and the album reaped such chart-topping hits as One Sweet Day, and Fantasy, the first single by a female artist to debut at number on on the Billboard Hot 100. Now in a 180 gram deluxe metallic gold vinyl. $34