Fashion Intel: Fur-get It!

Michael Kors

Fur is out as evidenced by its complete absence from the collections of Stella McCartney, Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren. Joining in are other giants like Gucci, Versace and Tom Ford, who are making a serious effort to reduce if not completely eliminate it from their lines.

In an interview in The Economist‘s 1843 magazine, Donatella Versace said, “Fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

The runways are packed with fake fur. Take, for example, the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 shows for Givenchy, Gucci and Michael Kors. All boasted a green attitude while still providing a luxury, guilt-free glamor.

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said, “The writing was on the wall: today’s shoppers don’t want to wear the skins of animals who were caged, then electrocuted or bludgeoned to death. Until all animal skins and coats are finally off the racks of clothing stores worldwide, PETA will keep up the pressure on the clothing and fashion industry.”

— Shalini King